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5 Ways to Speed Up Weight Loss Walking

Weight loss walking is like every other type of activity or exercise you do in that if you do it regularly enough it will help you burn off the fat you have stored on your body.

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Walking For Weight Loss

There are many ways that you can speed up weight loss when walking and here are my top 5 tips.

#1 Do it every day

Weight loss walking is far more effective if it’s done every day.

An occasional jaunt won’t make any difference to either the amount of weight you lose or produce any changes and improvements in your fitness levels.

#2 Give it priority

For you to get noticeable results, you need to be organized and committed to your goal. Writing out a plan of action and a clear set of time framed achievable goals is the best thing you can do to get focussed and motivated to doing it regularly enough.

#3 Keep a record of everything you do

Keep track of your body measurements and the times and days of each of your walks. You can also record other things such as the way you felt at the end of them and during or the speed of your heart beat etc.

No matter what, record everything. On a subconscious level you will be more likely to achieve something if you’ve committed it to paper.

#4 Variety is the spice of life

Don’t do the same thing all the time. Change what you do around a little. I like to do a mixture of longer slower walks and some faster, shorter ones as well. The reason for this is that on your longer walks you are burning mainly fat from your cells and on the shorter, faster walks you’ll be improving your fitness levels.

Also changing the surfaces of where you walk for example over grass, sand or muddy paths as well as up hills and down them all challenge the body far more than the same old repetitive walk.

#5 Change what you eat

Perhaps the most important point I’ve saved until last. To really get the most from your weight loss walking workouts, you need to make some small changes to the things you eat.

If you’re walking regularly enough, even small changes to your diet will have a noticeable effect, you DON’T need to live life like a nun.

Those are my top 5 weight loss walking tips, if you want to learn more and discover a unique and highly effective way of losing weight by walking then take a look here now.

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