walking for weight loss

How to Use Walking For Exercise

For you to use walking for exercise as part of your overall health and fitness regime, you need to approach it in a structured and methodical manner. Start off as you mean to go on and treat it as a project.

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Unless you give it your serious consideration and attention, you’ll find that your best intentions head out west after the first few sessions. The reasons behind this can be many and varied but often include missing walks, losing interest, getting bored and not having a definite direction.

So before you start, set yourself some targets and plan which days and times you’ll do your sessions.

Perhaps invest in some new walking or outdoor gear. Spending money on something often elevates its importance in your mind, and starting walking for exercise is no exception to this.

Find a walking buddy or start your own walking group, to keep you motivated and focussed.

Plan to spend at least 20 – 30 minutes a day walking at the beginning of your program, more if possible. Though this doesn’t have to be completed in one go, you can split it in to smaller chunks.

Try Using Power Walking For Exercise as this Will Increase the Challenge you Put on your Body and as a Result Your Fitness Levels Will Improve Far Quicker.

Adding advanced training techniques will help to add variety, interest and extra stimulation for change so your body has no option but to get fitter and stronger.

Don’t just stick to the most scenic and easiest routes. Adding hills and undulating terrain will also challenge your legs, heart and lungs to a greater degree.

Why not buy a pedometer to track and record the amount of steps you take each day. This will give you a target to aim at each day and provide you with an excellent way of monitoring the amount of walking you've done.

Another good idea is to time your walking sessions on a regular basis to see how your fitness levels are improving. If they aren’t improving, walk a little faster.

Every so often you need to try and beat your best time, though probably not every time you go out. Doing this means that you’re setting yourself a goal to beat and as a result you’ll find that you work much harder.

Push yourself harder in your walks and you’ll notice that everything begins to feel easier.

Flat routes will not offer you as much of a challenge as power walking for exercise or going up hills, but basically the more you do then the better you’ll feel.

Unfortunately most people wouldn’t consider using walking for exercise as they feel it is too easy, but if you’ve never tried power walking up a hill, then you really can’t answer that one properly. Walking is exercise and it can be very challenging if done right.

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