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What Makes A Good Weight Loss Walking Program?

To effectively lose weight using walking, you need to approach your task in a methodical and systemised manner. A well written weight loss walking program is an important tool that you should invest in.

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Walking For Weight Loss

Simply telling yourself you’ll go for a walk two or three times a week just isn’t a definite enough plan.

If you instead set yourself some specific time framed targets that you can tick off along the journey towards your ultimate goal and also have a set plan of action to follow that helps you to achieve these goals then the process becomes far more of a certainty and less of a simple whim or a passing thought.

A Weight Loss Walking Program Will Provide You With a Framework and a Pattern to Follow.

If the walking program has been written by an expert and has been tried and tested then you can expect to see very good results indeed.

However there are some essential points that any good walking program should contain and these are follows...

  • It should use power walking techniques as this is a great way to speed up the amount of fat that you burn. 
  • Advanced walking techniques such as hill reps and interval training are other good ways to ensure even faster improvements are noticed. 
  • It should include dietary advice and weight loss tips because without at least small changes to your diet, you won’t truly lose weight at the fastest rate possible. 

Your program also needs to be PROGRESSIVE. This means it should get harder and more challenging as your fitness levels improve. Without doing this your body will simply stagnate, you’ll find the first few workouts make a difference, but these improvements will quickly stop if your walking workouts never get any more challenging.

Your program should be varied. Simply walking at the same speed doing the same route at the same times, will not produce the results you’re looking for.

You need to add in as much activity in to your life as possible and variety as this provides the stimulation for your body to change and adapt to the challenges you’re placing it under.

Our body’s are very efficient and after a very short amount of time, will learn how to conserve and save energy doing the same tasks. This is how we have been designed, so we need to work around this.

Invest in a well written weight loss walking program if you want to get the best results for your efforts, think of it as a road map to losing weight and getting in to great shape fast. Leave it to chance and you’ll only get the same results you’ve always had.

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