walking for weight loss

How to Power Walk – The Secret Fat Burning Technique



Do you know how to power walk?



If not don’t worry because I’m about to tell you exactly how it’s done. Anyone can power walk to improve their fitness and lose weight but the real secret is to be consistent and progress what you are doing on a regular basis.


There are what I would describe as 4 different levels of walking and all of them have a very distinct technique. Basically level 1 is strolling and level 4 is what you might have seen as Olympic power walking. Level 2 and 3 fall somewhere in between.

For the purposes of understanding exactly what power walking is, we’ll use level 2 as our example here.


Let’s begin by looking at the lower body and the role it plays...

  • The feet should be pointed slightly out to the sides and when you step forwards you need to pull your toes up towards your knees. 
  • The speed you walk at should be that of rushing to get somewhere in a hurry and your stride length a little longer and more dynamic than your normal walking speed. 
  • You need to tense your glutes as you walk. It can often help to imagine you are trying hold a coin between your buttock cheeks as this maintains the tension in the area. 
  • Your tummy must be pulled in and held in tightly. 

Now on to your upper body...


Your arms are what takes walking from a steady stroll to a purposeful and effective power walk.

  • To generate speed you really need to swing them, but straight forwards and back without crossing the body as this will slow you down and places too much stress on the muscles of the lower back and stomach. 
  • There needs to be a slight bend in the elbows and the arms should swing from the shoulders and not bend and straighten at the elbow. 
  • Keep your fingers in a curled or straight position, but don’t clench a fist as this increases tension in the arms, shoulders and neck and may increase blood pressure considerably. 
  • Keep your head held high and a smile on your face!

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Just be aware that on your first power walk there are a few areas that might get a little achey and tight. The usual suspects are...

The front of the shins


The inner and outer hips


The lower back


The shoulders


It’s quite normal for these areas to get tired if power walking is new to you, but in time they will all develop the strength and endurance needed to cope quite comfortably.


If you notice any of these areas tightening up, then you should stop for a few minutes and stretch off.


Forget going to the gym or local fitness class, if you want to lose weight, tone up all your problem areas and feel great then get yourself out for a power walk as often as you can.


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