walking for weight loss

Walking For Weight Loss – 3 Secrets Revealed



Is walking the answer for you. Let’s be honest when we talk about losing weight or more specifically using exercise to lose weight, we normally think of going to a gym, fitness classes, running, swimming or taking part in a sport of some kind.


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Walking For Weight Loss
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Walking For Weight Loss

And these are great options. If you love the sweat, atmosphere and company of the gym or fitness classes, then you’re a perfect match.
  • If you enjoy the feeling of your legs being like lead weights and hardly being able to breathe then running sounds like your bag.  
  • If you love stripping down to the least amount of clothes possible and swimming in other peoples sweat, hair, saliva and urine then swimming is just up your street.  
  • If you love the pressure, the hustle and bustle of competitive sport then get yourself to your nearest sports club and you’ll be as happy as Larry.  

But what if you don’t like the idea of any of the above... what can you do?


Well. Don’t worry, there is a solution for you.


It’s something mankind has been doing since the beginning of time and it’s something that will cost you NOTHING to do, you can do anytime, anywhere, for just a few minutes or for hours at a time.


And that’s walking for weight loss!


...Yes you read that right, walking. It really can be one of the best ways of losing weight there is if it’s done right, but the problem is that almost nobody ever does it right. 

  • Walking needs to be done regularly enough. You should be doing some walking every day. 
  • Walking To Lose Weight has to progressive, that means you need to make challenging in some way, for example, you could walk faster, further, use a different walking style or a different walking technique (yes there are many ways to do this) 
  • Walking needs to be consistent. Set yourself a target of walking certain times and days and then STICK to it. Don’t let the weather, work or family stop you, you must be consistent. 

Walking will give you so many other benefits. It will supply you with more energy, it can reduce blood pressure, improve circulation, improve your posture, reduce appetite, reduce stress, increase your metabolism, make you feel amazing and much, much more.


My advice is to follow a walking program or create your own and stick to it. Following a plan is always the best way to make progress.


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