walking for weight loss

The Benefits of Walking - Why You'll Feel Fitter, Stronger And Live Longer!

There are many benefits of walking regularly, I don’t have enough space to cover all of them here, but I’ll list what I consider the biggest benefits and describe them to you now.

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Benefits Of Walking
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Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of walking is that you’re using your body as it was intended to be used.

Instead of lying or sitting lifelessly in a chair in front of your TV or computer screen as I’m sat here right now, you're moving your body around and it’s this movement that gives you all of the benefits that walking does.

Whenever you move your body, you’re burning calories.

This means if you were at a stable weight and started to walk regularly but didn’t change your diet in any way whatsoever you’d begin losing weight straight away.

How much you lost would depend on a number of factors including how often, how far and how intensely you walked, but as a rule if you walked for an hour on five days out of seven, you’ll definitely start losing weight.

The Benefits of Walking on a Person’s Health Are Probably More Impressive Than Anything Else!

Regular walking helps to keep the joints moving freely and improves posture due to the increase in muscle strength and stamina in both the legs and the lower back and core muscles.

Medical studies have proven the benefits of walking to be numerous and include the following...

  • A reduced risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease 
  • An increase in bone density 
  • A reduction in the effects of stress 
  • An improvement in cardiovascular fitness levels 
  • An increase in HDL cholesterol levels (the good type) 
  • Lowers high blood pressure 
  • Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes 

But perhaps my personal favourite of all the benefits of walking is the chain of events it usually helps to create.

By taking control of your health and walking regularly, you begin to realise how it feels to be fit and healthy. Because you feel good, you want to do more, because you do more, you experience more of the benefits I’ve already mentioned.

So starts the positive cycle that affects almost everyone who buys in to this type of lifestyle.

With something so easy to do, that’s free and can be done anywhere, it always amazes me why more people don’t do it regularly.

Just getting started means you’ll begin experiencing the benefits of walking, but commit to it long term and it may well change your life forever!

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