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Walking and Exercise – A Marriage Made In Heaven?

Are walking and exercise the same thing. The answer is YES!

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Walking And Exercise For Weight Loss
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Walking For Weight Loss

Do most people think of walking as exercise?

The answer is NO!

The main reason why people find it hard to think of walking and exercise in the same category is basically because of the way that we’ve been conditioned.

People have repeatedly been told that to get in to good shape, you’ve got to push yourself to the limit, until you can’t do any more, but this is simply a myth.

The reason why this is not true is this...

Every time we move, we’re burning calories stored on our body. Some as fat from our fat cells and some as glycogen from our muscles.

These calories are our fuel, very much like petrol is to a car. Go on a long journey in your car and you’ll use a lot of fuel. And our bodies are very similar to this too.

Every movement we do will actually help us to burn through calories and a percentage of these will be drawn from the fat stores we have on our bodies.

Our fuel or energy is derived mainly from our Glycogen or fat stores but the ratio of how much of each we use can actually be decided upon by you.

You can decide whether you use your carb stores from your muscles or the body fat you’ve got clinging to your hips, butt and thighs and it’s actually very easy.

It’s all down to the amount of effort you put in. Really high intensity exercise sessions where you literally crawl out of the class on your hands and knees will have burnt through a far higher percentage of carbohydrates than fats.

Walking on the other hand will burn off a greater percentage of body fat. You see when you exercise over longer periods of time at a lower level of effort your body relies mainly on its fat stores for the source of energy.

So this way you’re burning through fat, not the carbs stored in your muscles.

If your goal is weight loss then walking and exercise are the same thing. If you love to push yourself to the point where you can’t do any more and don’t feel like walking and exercise are related then why not do both.

I guarantee if you supplement your normal exercise sessions with a well balanced walking program, then you’ll lose weight far quicker than just using your usual exercise routine alone.

If you don’t do either at the moment then now is a great time to start because walking is an excellent way to lose weight and tone up, if you do it right!

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