walking for weight loss

3 Reasons Why You Need a Walking Program

A walking program is an absolute must for anyone who wants to lose weight, get fit and tone up or for any other specific purpose. On the other hand if your reason for starting to walk is to meet new people or see wonderful scenery, then a walking program will have no real benefit to you.

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Walking For Weight Loss

You see whatever you want to achieve in life needs to properly planned and co-ordinated so you take the necessary steps along the way to accomplish that goal and reach the end destination.

A walking program is great tool to help you if your aim is to lose weight or improve your fitness levels.

There are many reasons for this, but here are the 3 main ones...

#1  Using your own walking program or one that’s been written for you means that you’ll have committed yourself to a plan of action and will have written the days, times and exercise sessions down to form a diary of your future actions.

Once you’ve committed something to paper, studies show that you’re far more likely to go on to accomplish that task.

#2  You can plot your progress in advance. Your walking program can include more challenging sessions in between normal sessions. For example you may decide that you will do 5 walks a week, 3 of those could be longer walks and two of those might be shorter but at a higher intensity, therefore burning off more total calories.

You might consider doing some walking interval training or using a higher level of walking to lose weight quicker. Whatever you decide, your walking program should contain these details.

#3  A walking program and training log is also a great way to monitor your progress.

If you want to lose weight for example, you’ll need to keep track of what you’re doing, but more importantly monitor the amount of weight you’re losing to see if what you’re doing is getting you the results you want.

If you decide to buy a walking program that’s been written for a specific purpose then it should contain these essential things.

  • It should use advanced walking techniques which have been scientifically proven to burn fat calories at a far higher rate than walking alone. 
  • It should make full use of power walking strategies and the four different levels of walking to keep your body in fat burning mode for longer. 
  • It should vary the walking sessions so that the body is given enough stimulus for change. Doing the same things at the same pace will quickly become inefficient at helping you to either lose weight or get fitter. 

Finally a good walking program will include plenty of helpful tips, hints and advice about how to get the most from your walking so you achieve far quicker results and fully understand exactly what you should be doing and why.

Walking is a great form of exercise which is an excellent way to stay active and healthy, but if your aim is lose weight or get fitter, you really do need a good quality walking program to help you succeed in your task.

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