walking for weight loss

What Is Nordic Walking?

Nordic walking is a technique derived from Scandinavia which involves the use of walking poles to increase the amount of effort used.

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Nordic Walking
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Originally called ski walking, it uses 2 poles which are similar to those used when skiing.

The use of these poles makes it an excellent upper body workout because it challenges the muscles of the upper body at the same time as working the legs.

There is also the additional benefit of increased balance and stability that you’ll get from using 2 walking poles.

Nordic walking is growing in popularity throughout the world and estimates suggest that over 10 million people regularly use to help themselves stay fit.

It’s a great way to exercise outdoors that doesn’t require huge amounts of co-ordination or skill, although there is a definite technique to using the poles which should be learnt if the most benefit is to be gained.

It’s being increasingly used by fitness professionals and health clubs as another unique and diverse way to improve the fitness and weight loss of their clients.

It’s a very social activity which is both fun and challenging. The fact that many classes tend to be set in rural areas also adds to the enjoyment and pleasure of the activity.

Here’s a Quick Summary of the Biggest Benefits of Nordic Walking...

  • It is great for speeding up weight loss and toning the arms and shoulders 
  • Burns up to 20 – 30% more calories than normal walking 
  • Increases the strength of your heart 
  • Strengthens most of the muscles of your upper body 
  • Reduces the stress on the joints. 
  • The poles help improve balance and stability. 
  • Strengthens the bones of the lower and upper body and can combat the effects of osteoporosis. 
  • Reduces the impact of the heels as they strike the ground by up to 30%. 

Nordic Walking is ideal for anyone who wants to be fit and healthy. Whilst Nordic walking may well be a great addition to anyone’s healthy lifestyle, there are a couple of downsides...

  • Firstly the cost of buying good quality walking poles isn’t cheap and... 
  • Secondly you may feel a little more conspicuous walking along the street using walking poles. 

This is a particular drawback to anyone who is a little overweight and uncomfortable about exercising in public as attention will definitely be drawn to you as you walk along. 

I would definitely recommend Nordic walking as long as you aren’t concerned about the cost of buying the poles or the funny looks you might get from passers by.

If you don’t think it’s for you then don’t worry because you can easily get similar benefits by using the power walking techniques found in my new ‘Walking For Weight Loss Plan.’