walking for weight loss

Walking And Weight Loss - A Simple Way To Get Great Results

Walking and weight loss go hand in hand and one of the most commonly recommended techniques is to simply walk 10,000 steps a day.

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Walking For Weight Loss

This is a figure that the government has decided upon because it is the equivalent of burning 500kcals each day, which taken over a whole week would equate to the loss of 1lb of body fat.

You can track and monitor this by wearing a device called a pedometer, which records the movement at the hips to measure the number of steps you take.

Not bad I'm sure you'll agree. Losing 1lb a week could amount to losing 52lbs a year, all by just walking 10,000 steps a day.

There are both pro's and con's to this approach of using walking and weight loss which I'll explain below...

10,000 Step Walking And Weight Loss Method - Pro's...

  • It's very simple and pretty much anyone can do it 
  • It can be fitted around everyday life 
  • It is a good way of maintaining an awareness of the importance of being active and how this can effect overall body fat levels 
  • It's a great way to encourage people to walk more often 
  • Because you are recording and tracking what you are doing, it is far more likely to be adhered to. There's an old saying which goes 'that which gets recorded or written gets done' 
  • It gives you a daily target and a focus to aim for. It's a great way of encouraging people to think about exercise and activity on a daily basis 
  • It's easy to make up any shortfall of steps. For example you've been in meetings all day and haven't had a chance to get out at lunch time for example, then you could simply walk around the house for 10 - 15 minutes to add on more steps. 

It really can help you to lose weight, tone up and get fitter.

10,000 Step Walking And Weight Loss Method - Con's...

  • To many people walking 10,000 steps a day can seem like too much of a huge challenge 
  • You need to firstly buy and calibrate your pedometer. Now whilst a pedometer is a very easy to use and cheap piece of equipment (they range from $5.00 up to $50.00) and not very difficult to set the stride length and other settings, to some this could still be a little daunting. 
  • Pedometers aren't always perfectly reliable. The cheaper ones tend to be a little too sensitive and can sometimes even count the bumps in the road when driving in a car as steps that you've walked that day. 
  • The improvements in your body shape, fitness and energy levels will be good at first, but after a few weeks your body will become used the effort it needs to put in and so will burn off fewer calories as a result. 

Using walking and weight loss together is an excellent concept and certainly by combining walking 10,000 steps a day along with other advanced walking techniques, you should be able to continue losing weight easily for a long time to come.

Overall I would certainly recommend using this approach of walking 10,000 steps a day because it is an easy, quick and proven way of using walking for weight loss.

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