walking for weight loss

Walking For Fitness – 3 Essential Walking Tips


Walking for fitness is a completely different exercise to walking in an attempt to improve your health or even lose weight.


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If your goal is to use walking to get fit then here are some essential tips that you need to consider before you begin...


Walking For Fitness – Tip #1


Start From The Right Place


Firstly you need to think about what level you’re starting from. Are you a completely inactive beginner or are you a fitness fanatic.


Whichever category you place yourself in will dictate which approach to your walking regime you’ll take.


For example a very unfit person will start to improve their fitness levels by simply getting out and walking at any level or speed regularly.


Whereas a well trained individual will need a far more challenging approach and would need to start straight away using advanced training techniques.


However if they wanted to improve their endurance levels then simply walking for longer distances would help to achieve this.


Walking For Fitness – Tip #2


Progress What You Do


Whatever type of exercise or activity you decide to use, you must follow one key principle – PROGRESSION. Whatever you do today or this week has to be improved, increased, changed or modified in some way so that you continue to place a challenge upon your body.


If you keep doing the same things at the same constant level then you won’t get any fitter and you won’t see any real improvements at all. Initially you’ll feel fitter because the challenge would be new to your body, but within a few sessions the effect would begin to reduce.


Our bodies are designed to be as efficient as possible and what was once a challenge to us if done repeatedly will quickly become easy to do.


Walking For Fitness – Tip # 3


Be Consistent


Perhaps one of my biggest golden rules is to ‘be consistent.’ Honestly you will never notice changes in the way you look, feel or levels of fitness if you don’t do it regularly.


So if you’ve decided to use walking for fitness, then you need to firstly sit down and draw up a plan of action, including days and times over the next week when you’ll do your walks.


If you notice any days when you won’t get the chance to walk, then you should plan around this, maybe decide that you’ll get up a little earlier that morning so you can go out then and do your walk.


Without walking regularly you won’t see any noticeable changes to your fitness levels. You need to give a reason for your body to change and improve and it only does this if you regularly place a challenge upon it.


So there you have my top three tips for using walking for fitness...

  • Start at the right level for you 
  • Keep increasing and improving what you do to make it more challenging and finally... 
  • Get out do it as often as possible. The more you do, the quicker you’ll see results. 

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