walking for weight loss

If You Like Walking and Want to Lose Weight Fast, But Hate the Thought of Going to the Gym or Starting to Run, Then Walking For Weight Loss May Just Be the Perfect Solution For You...

Keep Reading and I'll Give You 5 Great Reasons Why Using Walking For Weight Loss is One of THE Best and Easiest Ways of Getting Rid of Stubborn Body Fat You'll Ever Try!

Red Cross

NO MORE slogging it out at your local smelly, busy, sweaty gym full of Lycra clad beauties and muscle bound apes 

Red CrossNO MORE queuing for ages to be led in to a packed out fitness class led by your own local version of Adolf Hitler

Red CrossNO MORE punishing yourself in public any more by donning your running gear and grudgingly pounding the streets in an attempt to get fitter on your weekly run

Red CrossNO MORE of the constant pain, discomfort and energy sapping exhaustion every time you work out in the gym

I have an alternative for you... And this is one that really works!

'Walking For Weight Loss'...

And here's 5 great reason's why. I bet you've never thought of some of these before...

#1  OK here's a real biggy to kick us off...

It's free, doesn't cost you a dime, nothing, nada, zip!!

Yes if you want to invest in a new pair of walking boots or running shoes and some outdoor clothing, there'll be a cost, but that's certainly not mandatory...

And what's more you certainly won't be tied to an annual membership or have to pay as you go, at least not unless the government starts taxing us on breathing fresh air!

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#2  You can do this ANYWHERE. One of the most common complaints I get from my own clients, is that they don't have time, if they're particularly busy or working away it can be difficult to fit any exercise in...

Well problem solved here, simply get out and go for a walk!

#3  Walking for weight loss places significantly less stress on the joints than almost any other form of exercise.

Did You Know?

How many calories you'll burn by walking for an hour?

How many calories you need to burn off each day to lose 1lb of fat a week?

What's one of THE most effective ways of increasing the amount of calories you burn through walking...

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Because you're working low to the ground and you aren't bouncing up and down with every stride as you do when running, there's far less stress placed on your lower back, knees. ankles and hips

#4  You'll feel fantastic when you've done your walk. I don't mean fantastic and exhausted like you do with many other types of exercise... No just really good, refreshed and ENERGIZED.

#5  But perhaps most importantly, walking helps you to lose weight.

That's right, you see every time you move your body you're burning through calories from the fat stored on your body. And the more you move, the more fat you burn.

Here's something that most people don't know though. Using your muscles regularly doing something as simple as walking actually increases their ability to burn fat.

This means you'll burn off more calories even when you're not actually exercising.

But don't misunderstand me, there's always a right and a wrong way of doing things and to get THE most from your walking, it's best to add in some advanced walking techniques to SUPERCHARGE your weight loss.

This is really what 'Walking For Weight Loss' is all about.

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