walking for weight loss

Did You Know These Walking and Weight Loss Facts?

Q/  How many calories you'll burn by walking for an hour?

A/  An average adult will burn approximately 300 - 350 kcals per hour walking at a steady pace of approximately 3.5  miles per hour. 

Q/  How many calories you need to burn off each day to lose 1lb of fat a week?

A/  In order for you to lose 1 lb of body fat each week, you would need to burn off in excess of 500 kcals every day.

  What's one of THE most effective ways of burning more calories walking than the average adult will burn?...

A/  By far, the most effective ways of increasing the calories you burn way above the average amount through walking is by using advanced training tricks and power walking techniques.

As well as a clever little thing you can try to supercharge the amount of fat calories you will burn through walking.

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