walking for weight loss

Can Power Walking Help You To Lose Weight?



Power walking is one of THE most underused and unrated forms of exercise for losing weight and toning up, it's easy to do, you don’t need any specialist equipment and above all else it’s free...


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Power Walking To Lose Weight
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Walking For Weight Loss

No vibrating belts, starvation diets or crazy fat loss workouts needed here.

Over the last few years some of the most famous and beautiful celebrities in the world have come to appreciate the benefits of power walking as a way to lose weight, tone up and get fitter.


Why Does Power Walking Work?


Power walking works because it’s a form of exercise which increases your heart rate and burns of calories to generate movement. One of the main reasons why you stand a far better chance of losing weight by going for a regular power walk as opposed to most other types of exercise is that it’s easy to do.

  • Almost anyone who is healthy enough to move around can do it... 
  • It places very little stress on the joints of the body 
  • You can do it anywhere and at anytime – as soon as you leave your front door your workout has begun. 
  • It’s free – you don’t need to spend money on expensive equipment or accessories... 

or join a sports club...

or sign up for a gym membership.


But Way Beyond All These Factors, It Really Does Work.


It’s especially great for those who are overweight because it gives a far easier and more accessible entry in to exercise than the other options available.


If you have issues with your body, then the gym isn’t the place you want to hang around.


Trying to run can cause many injuries to joints and muscles which are being placed under too much pressure, and swimming to most is an absolute no, no. After all if you don’t feel great about the way you look then why would you want to strip down to virtually nothing and parade yourself along the poolside.


But There Are Some Down Sides To Power Walking


Firstly it’s not usually taken seriously enough, simply because most people don’t think it really works.


Secondly as with all things, it has to be done regularly to get the best results.


Lastly, if you approach it with no action plan and simply walk whenever you feel like it and don’t have any structure with no progression then you won’t see the best results.


Power Walking May Well Be The Perfect Exercise To Help You Lose Weight, Tone Up And Get The Body You Want, But You’ll Need To Treat It Seriously.


Do it regularly and follow a weight loss walking program and you’ll soon be fitting in to the clothes you want to wear instead of the ones that hide your embarrassing bits.


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